1 Concentrated = 10 Bottles of Disinfectant.

Healthy, quality and economical disinfectant for times when our dynamics require the greatest effort to aseptically preserve our businesses.

With the concentrated disinfectant kit you can easily prepare 10 bottles of disinfectant of 500ml, and eliminate any trace of pathogenic microorganism without becoming intoxicated and without damaging the health of your clients.

You can act on any surface, textiles, environment, floors, etc. with a single product, vaporizing comfortably. In addition, the aromatherapeutic disinfectant will reinforce the atmosphere so you work more efficiently and effectively. You will all win in comfort, well-being and safety.

For larger volumes, please contact us directly by email: aromalaboratory@gmail.com and request your custom quote.

Thank you so much. 

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