Aromatherapy Purifying Mists. Organic. 55ml.

Around the body.

The Classic Air Purifiers, of the Personal Space, AROMALABORATORY®, are 8 organic aromatherapy mists, that protect environmentally, moisturise and soothe, preventing premature ageing, and provide emotional relief by perfuming around the body. Thanks to their precious active ingredients from aromatic medicinal plants, we can feel better even if we are in the office working, surrounded by family and friends, or being at home.

The Personal Purifiers by acting antibacterially and neutralising external pollution, offer well-being, comfort and beauty.

Prevention is essential, considering environmental and epidemic threats, and the stress to which today's society is exposed.
  • They deeply sanitise thanks to their antiseptic active ingredients: antibacterial, fungicidal and virucidal.
  • Anti-pollution action: they neutralise harmful environmental agents from external pollution and optimise ozone levels around the body.
  • They offer anti-ageing prevention: they neutralise oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution.
  • Recommended in case of dust or pollen allergy, given their ability to drag allergens and decongest (Protection is the most antihistaminic).
  • Soothing and thermoregulating, they are recommended in cases of physical or mental overexertion, and in case of hot flushes.
  • They are aromatherapeutic emotional rescues: relaxing (Relax), anti-fatigue (Resistencia), emotional balancer (La Naturaleza), harmonising, helping to sleep better, etc.
  • They perfume in a natural and ecological way, around the body.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Toxic- Free: 0% Parabens 0% Isolates 0% Phthalates 0% Dyes 0% Musketones 0% Artificial fixatives and enhancers 0% Synthetic parfum.
  • Bottled in topaz glass.