8 Good habits that will help you sleep better and be more efficient.

During pandemic times, daily habits and dynamics have changed. Mainly because many of us have spent long hours at home: teleworking and managing household tasks as best we could. Many people have not been out of their tracksuits for months. Timetables have simply gone through the air. Tablets and mobiles until late at night, nightly overexcitement, rounds of wine by Zoom, pizza, endless films, alarm clocks ringing 15 minutes before the meeting by videoconference... Those who thought that all this would make the stress of these turbulent times disappear, know now that they have only masked it. Now there is still an imbalance in the hours of sleep and a chronic exhaustion that has to be redirected and recovered.
If you have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you are already taking action, we are glad! Getting back to healthier eating and exercise habits is essential. If you still feel that you have not yet improved your sleep quality, that your performance is lower than before the pandemic hit, and you feel tired, i.e. you still have the feeling that Groundhog Day is not going away, here are some good habits that can help you to improve your sleep hygiene, efficiency and well-being.


  • Get up at sunrise. Even if it's hard at first, you'll be grateful for it later because you'll have more time for yourself. The energy of the early hours of the morning is more productive. Of course, you will have to go to bed earlier. Between 22h and 23h is a good time. 
  • Air the whole house, every day and create as much natural air flow as possible. In other words, if your balcony overlooks a park and you have a back room that overlooks a garden area, open those two windows in particular.
  • Check how old your mattress is - 7 years old? It's time to renew it. Buy one that can be as natural and sustainable as possible.
  • Towards which cardinal points do you sleep? Take the compass and look at it. We recommend that you orient the head of your bed to the east.
  • Hygiene and tidiness are essential. Sanitise and purify the atmosphere of the rooms (and the whole house) every day with AROMALABORATORY® Ecological Sanitizer. Once a week, thoroughly clean switches, knobs, windows, etc... and dust with the help of this aseptic multipurpose product (lift the books, under the bed,...). Spray the sanitizer over upholstery, curtains and carpets as well. Keep the space tidy. 

  • Afterwork, we recommend that you create a relaxing atmosphere at home. Scent the room with Flor de Flores, our most relaxing Organic Aromatherapy Fragrance, which helps to release tension. Its sweet and exotic aroma of Ylang-Ylang flowers and Wild Vanilla helps us to relax and let go the stress accumulated throughout the day. Perfume the common areas, above the sofa and the most chill areas of the house, for example your reading corner. Flor de Flores, like all our Aromatherapy Home Scents, is anti-dust mite and improves indoor air quality thanks to its natural ionising active agents.

  • At night, just before going to bed, perfume the room and the bed with the Organic Aromatherapeutic Fragrance Mar Azul. With fresh, sweet and musky notes of Rosemary and Frankincense. It is very harmonising and soothing. It will help you to feel mentally refreshed and rise above the more mundane problems. It will facilitate rest and give you the feeling of being protected at home. Highly recommended if you practice meditation or are allergic to pollen.

  • If you have insomnia, also use our Organic Personal Purifier El Sueño, with pure exquisite lavander. Perfume around your body, after a good shower, before 10pm, when you're already in your sleepwear. Take a deep breath of its sweet, therapeutic scent. You can also give yourself another spritz just before you get into bed, so make sure your pillow is scented too. Kids love it! and it reduces their night-time excitement! May you sleep like little angels... Have a good night.




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