5 ideas to make your home more sustainable.

From the finishes you choose for your home, to the product selection and eco-friendly practices you implement at home, they leave a positive environmental impact that is multiplied when you share it with your loved ones.

We love living with sustainability in mind and our customers often want to know about our recommendations. Here thereare our top sustainability interior design tips to help you make your home more eco-efficient. 

1. Be more minimalist: Giving new life to what is no longer in use and simplifying by organising strategically to make everyday life easier, encourages simplicity and clean interiors.

2. Introduce Eco-friendly materials and furniture: More and more manufacturers are attending the demand for Eco-friendly materials at a better price. Glass, wood and recycled flooring are giving shape to a myriad of beautiful minimalist designs. 

3. Scent your home with AROMALABORATORY's sanitizing fragrances: Toxic-free and environmentally friendly, you have at your choice a select variety of 100% botanical and aromatherapeutic fragrances. With their daily use, you will not only reduce indoor pollution in your home, but also you´ll keep the spaces in harmony with the environment and with the dynamics, offering well-being and balance to the human being.

4. Be energy smart: Smart technology in our homes has allowed energy efficiency often at the simple touch of a phone. Smart thermostats automatically adapt the temperature based on programming as well as sensors installed at home. 

5. Create a garden with drought-tolerant plants: Reclaiming rainwater for irrigation, and managing a drip irrigation system with a controller is a sustainable way to keep the garden beautiful at home. Water is the earth's most precious resource.

The climate crisis requires decisive actions to reduce carbon and gas emissions, to respect the balance of the ecosystem and to promote dynamics that connect human beings with nature.

Let's take care of the planet. It all starts with courageous and intelligent actions at home.

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