5 Style Trends for this Spring.

We love spring! When the good weather arrives, we like to look our best. And as things are slowly starting to get back to normal (fingers crossed), we have to start preparing our wardrobes and updating our dressing rooms. So nothing better than dressing up with the latest trends, and all the joy that comes from perfuming ourselves with authentic AROMALABORATORY fragrances.

Let's welcome spring with the latest in style!


+ The Gathering Personal Purifier + DO Perfume.

This spring looks very comfortable, but with a touch of fantasy and sensuality we can rediscover our figure. It's the return of mini skirts and mini dresses. It is the time to recover our body-consciousness (body-cons).

Returning to social life will mean being more exposed to environmental pollution again. So we will need an anti-pollution protector to sanitise ourselves and avoid oxidation of our skin. THE GATHERING by AROMALABORATORY® offers us this neutralisation of free radicals around the body, which prevents cellular ageing on a beauty level. On an aromachological level, it helps us to feel confident and more empathetic. THE GATHERING is definitely the purifier the socialite loves.

Add to your most extroverted dressing table, our perfume DO by AROMALABORATORY® Atelier. It will be your ally to come out of hibernation mode.
With an organic heart of black spruce and patchouli, DO will stir passions wherever you go. There is no scent that does not fall at the feet of the pleasant, oriental halo of DO perfume.


Miu Miu



+ Personal Purifier Protection

Baggy trousers are going to win you over this spring. In any cut, texture or print, it is a garment that you must integrate into your style. For more enterprising and entrepreneurial women, baggy trousers have arrived to make their way into your wardrobe, as well as PROTECTION by AROMALABORATORY®.

This mist, with notes of frankincense and orange blossom, goes well with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is the organic, purifying, aromatherapeutic mist that perfumes you in a harmonising way. It also facilitates mindfulness, wherever you are. Perfume yourself, after a meeting, and over the head with PROTECTION. Then take a deep breath, it will help you to strengthen your intimacy and bring the focus back to yourself.


+DO Perfume + Personal Purifier Protection.

2021 could become the year in which it-girls and some of the most influential figures in the fashion world look to take the sober out of their looks and print them with colourful, psychedelic prints. One of our perfumes that combines very well with this more abstract outfit is DO by AROMALABORATORY® Atelier, the unisex perfume that takes us back to the hippie 60s. With notes of organic Patchouli, it responds to 'Peace & Love', one of the favourites of this post-pandemic season.

During any event to which you go perfumed with DO perfume, purify yourself with PROTECTION. This wonderful musky mist, of which we have already spoken before, will offer you soothing, moisturising, hygienic and disinfecting action all around the body. It especially affects the head and hair, one of the most critical areas of the body where the virus can easily settle and contaminate you.



+ Personal Purifier Courage + LA Perfume

Local production is in fashion. If in the 70's people left the villages to settle in the cities, the old was a symptom of backwardness, and the fashion was plastic and technology, this spring we are going wild and returning to our roots, realising the importance of simple, natural, traditional and locally produced things.

As AROMALABORATORY®, IVORI, a fashion brand, produces in Barcelona. We love its garments for their freshness and the Mediterranean character we share. Use COURAGE by AROMALABORATORY® when you wear any of their garments in the city to purify yourself, its pure aromatherapeutic notes of Atlas Cedar and Palmarosa, are very strengthening, and will reinforce your immune system. If you also like woody, elegant perfumes with a fresh, bubbly and optimistic top note, then combine it with the organic, toxic-free perfume LA by AROMALABORATORY® Atelier.



+Courage Personal Purifier + RE Perfume

Wear Puffy Sleeves this spring and treat yourself to our COURAGE Purifying Mist after make-up. Wear the widest sleeves you can find. Play around with adding volume to certain parts of your body. You can also bring out all your beauty with RE by AROMALABORATORY® Atelier. Our smoky, earthy and floral aromatherapeutic perfume of Bergamot, Rose, Vetiver and the most passionate Vetiver. Bring out your charisma with RE, and dress with spirit, courage and determination. RE is ideal to get through this last phase of the pandemic with peace of mind and from your most creative side. 





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