Relaxing Organic Body Oil for Kids.

The Relaxing Body Oil for Kids, aromatherapy and ecological, calms them and helps them sleep better.
After bathing, when your skin is still a little damp, we recommend that mom or dad massage your entire body, paying special attention to the joints. This also strengthens their immune system, deeply nourishing their skin, and generating a wonderful mother / father-child synergy.
After a certain age, or during adolescence, they can massage themselves after showering.
This oil is appropriate to induce them in the dynamics of the night, calmer. Highly recommended for hyperactive children who are easily overexcited in the evening, if it is difficult for them to sleep, or if they are afraid of the dark. They love its fresh aroma.
Use from 1 year. 125ml.
100% Phytotherapeutic and organic.
0% Additives. 0% Parabens. 0% Parfum. 0% Vaseline. 0% Toxic.

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