Aseptic and Healthy Atmosphere at Hotel Caserío Aldeallana. #SafeTourism

Lovers of the beautiful, of the pause, of the exquisite, entering the Hotel Caserío Aldeallana is pure pleasure that can be felt in the intense flavour of the vegetables from the garden, in the decoration of the crockery, in the folding of the sheets, in the security that is breathed in an aseptic, hygienic environment, with a fresh, clean and respectful  scent offered by our AROMALABORATORY Ecological Purifying Sanitizer . A purifying, non-abrasive hydroalcoholic disinfectant, suitable for catering and hospitality areas, which acts effectively on the environment, (without intoxicating or contaminating food)  on fabrics, surfaces and the hands of your customers. It does not intoxicate. It does not contaminate. It is gentle on the skin and has a pleasant, healthy, botanical aromatherapy that offers comfort in your spaces. 0% bleach, 0% detergent, 0% ammonia, 0% synthetic parfum. With the Concentrate Organic Sanitizer, you can prepare 10 bottles of 500ml disinfectant. Packed in glass, it allows an excellent conservation and recycling. Thank you very much for your confidence in Finca Aldeallana, may it surround you with safety and well-being.

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