Indoor Air Quality.

Spring is here! And with it comes pollen and uncomfortable allergies. Finding relief with the daily use of one of our neutralising and purifying indoor air Fragrances is very easy, you only have to perfume the atmosphere with the scent you like the most, and let them do their regeneration process of the atmosphere and tissues.

If your allergies cause acute congestion: itching, constant sneezing, skin rashes, general discomfort, the first thing to do is to visit the doctor, and then reinforce your antihistamine treatment with AROMALABORATORY's MAR AZUL fragrance. Because of its natural antihistamine relief, you will be able to breathe more easily and deeply, feeling more clear-headed, in scented air free of biological allergens, airborne particles, and toxics. This is very, very comforting, as the brain is also better oxygenated, and you will be able to overcome this critical allergic process more quickly and recover sooner than expected. Keep up the dynamic of perfuming the atmosphere in the morning and evening, in order to combat the indoor pollution that seeps in through the air circulating through the openings of the house. As the days go by, maybe just spraying once will be enough.

Any of AROMALABORATORY's organic, chemotyped aromatherapy fragrances will provide clean and healthy indoor air. They are also highly recommended for people who are allergic to dust. In addition, they will help you to prevent pollution-related illnesses and to feel better at home and at work.
Welcome to a healthy and happy spring!


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