Move Forward Healthy this Fall.

Autumn welcomes us today.

The days are getting shorter, and although in the towns of the Mediterranean Peninsula the temperature is still warm and mild, little by little we will be entering a time of interior retreat typical of this season.

To come out stronger and face this new stage, where going back to work and going back to school are the routines that are resumed again - this year after months of confinement and the summer holidays - we recommend the following purifying aromatherapy mists AROMALABORATORY: RELAX, CREATIVITY and PROTECTION; also a good diet.

The RELAX PURIFIER: It allows us to move calmly in the public space by scenting ourselves: either on the street, in transport, in shops, at a conference, etc. Currently we feel threatened by an invisible virus, we know that we can become infected and that we must maintain a safety distance of 2m. This is sometimes difficult, either due to population density, or because it is difficult for us to avoid human contact between people closest to us.

At the neuronal level, our limbic system: amygdala, hypothalamus, etc, ... automatically reacts to a threat that can threaten our health and that of others. Staying calm and disinfected in the public area will be essential for good daily operation. RELAX intervenes in these nuclei reducing limbic activity.
THE CREATIVITY PURIFIER: Creativity is the purifying aromatherapy mist that perfumes us in a revitalizing way. It helps us to have a more optimistic attitude and reinforces our attention. It is ideal in a work and study environment. Very good for working in convivial groups. Now that we hear this term more, we understand that a coexistence group needs cohesion. Many times it will not be easy to find meeting points in small groups, other times it will be like blowing and blowing bubbles, very easy. For those who now do not have so much choice when it comes to generating synergies, these groups will have to be strengthened. It is not the time to be selective, we must learn to create with what is within our reach. CREATIVITY, is an "aromatic paste" that emulsifies our work or learning group.

THE PURIFIER PROTECTION: It is essential to work our intimate space. Learning to separate our social and public life from our private life is highly recommended in order to strengthen our intimate sphere. Having a more positive vision of life in the face of so much uncertainty, due to the pandemic, and harmonizing certain differences in the family environment, is necessary to maintain emotional hygiene and a strong immune system. We recommend that you dedicate moments to meditation to reconnect with your intimate core with the help of PROTECTION. You just have to perfume yourself around the body and take 3 deep breaths in a serene and comfortable space. PROTECTION will help you pause your breathing and facilitate a state of full consciousness. Autumn invites you to gather and PROTECTION facilitates it,

Happy Autumn to everyone.

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