Forest Baths.

Let's go for a forest bath! Aromalaboratory has 100% phytotherapeutic body oils, organic and free of synthetic molecules, which are in total harmony with nature:
The Detox Anti-Cellulite Body Oil, super rich, takes care of your skin while burning fat. Massage the most critical areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, ankles, arms. It is a fabulous reducer of orange peel skin, with anti-inflammatory action due to fluid retention. It detoxifies the body and drains. It isWonderful!
The Decontractor Relaxing Body Oil is perfect after gym; fitness, yoga, pilates session, paddle tennis match,... It helps to decontract the muscles after physical exercise, and relaxes the body and the mind. A few drops of Relaxing Body Oil in a warm bath will help you fall asleep easily.

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