Healthy Quarantine. I


I am Mònica Fernández, aromatherapist and founder of AROMALABORATORY®

In Spain, due to the spread of Covid19 (a new coronavirus that appeared in China, Hubei province - Wuhan- in December 2019) the State of Alarm was decreed on March 13, 2020 with a massive confinement of the entire population, until April 11 (30 days), to preserve the collapse of the health system.

Strict measures will put the psychological health of all the inhabitants and the country's economy at stake.

During this state of alarm and quarantine my greatest wish is to be able to help you stay within the limits of psychological health and hygiene.

Thanks to the repairing and salubrizing power of aromatic medicinal plants from our atmospheric disinfectants and purifiers and perfumes it is possible to keep our body, mind and emotions in balance.

During these days, you can tell me your concerns, etc. so I can advise you.

The themes will be collected and developed over the next few days. And every other day I will make a publication. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday until April 11 on Instagram)

Until next Friday!

Take care of yourselves and stay safe. 

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