Healthy Quarantine III

Do you see the end of this quarantine very far and begin to feel tired? If this is your case, take note of these tips, they will help you stay healthy and constant until the end.

In chorus, in Spain we sing the Dúo Dinámico "Resistiré" song every day. National anthem for quarantine, accompanying cheers of encouragement and positive energy  to all health warriors from home. Like them, we must also keep the pulse to the end, avoid confined contagion,  stay healthy and therefore not overflow the health system.

To make it so, I recommend that you use our RESISTENCIA (Stamina) Organic Personal Purifier, with pure essential oils of Ginger and Jasmine. First, because it will help us fight viral infections, it is fabulous for eradicating the survival of viruses around the body; and second because it revives us and keeps us constant.

Another tip is to reschedule your agenda until April 11 and set small goals for yourself. As in the Tour de France course, I aim you to go through stages. Every time you get one you have to celebrate it. If the energy drops along the way, vaporize yourself with AROMALABORATORY® RESISTENCIA PURIFIER and enthusiastically put yourself back on completing the stages you have set. RESISTENCIA offers you that space you need for continuity to the end. Always with the focus on the final goal, with energy and vitality.

Keep in mind that we have something going against us, the quarantine is set in the early spring, and with a time change, so it is normal that we feel a little more down and find it difficult to fall asleep at night. The trend may be to spend hours on the couch. With the so-called Spring Asthenia, our circadian rhythm has to be adjusted. For those of you who feel down, RESISTENCIA gives you a boost. Those affected by pollen allergies will be greatly relieved by vaporizing with any purifier around the body.

RESISTENCIA is a fabulous anti-fatigue aromatherapeutic mist that lifts the spirits and cleanses our Personal Space. It is also very good at improving libido.

If you still want to enhance this life-giving effect, perfume yourself with our Precious Perfume, free of toxic substances, FA.

Go for your personal challenges during these days of quarantine! Courage and until the end!

Until next Wednesday.

PS: If you have any questions you can leave it in the comments.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe. 


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