Healthy Quarantine. VI

In these moments in which social distancing has prevailed in society due to the health emergency, physical social contact has been reduced, for the vast majority, to contacts that we can have through videoconferences, phone calls, contact from the balconies , ...
For another group of the population that must continue working and providing minimal services, physical social contact continues existing, although the protection measures and physical barriers that must be taken are even more stringent. Keep 1.5m the safety distance, wear epis, gloves, masks, ect.
THE GATHERING and all AROMALABORATORY® Air Purifiers were designed to reduce and prevent contagion between people, reinforce the hygiene of Personal Space and reduce the impact of interpersonal and intrapersonal stress. They Regulate the imbalances that occur in everyday life and readjust these comings and goings: movements from the intimate sphere to social-public life in an incessant loop. This readjustment is essential for human life. It is now that we are locked in a bubble that corresponds to the living space of our privacy in an exceptional way. From here we are told that we must operate optimally on a social level as well. I personally am not in favor of spontaneous teleworking. The space and the mind need to be adapted: A room exclusively for this is essential, and a predisposition to change the chip and connect with the outer space efficiently as well. Many times it is not easy, invaded by the domestic. For this reason I recommend that you perfume the room with PETIT GRAIN. It will help you create an active, dynamic and satisfying space, and break with the dynamics of the house. In addition, PETIT GRAIN is an aseptic, virucidal, fungicidal and antibacterial fragrance that will help you keep the workplace aseptic, clean, tidy and feel protected.
I also recommend that before any social gathering you vaporize around the body with THE GATHERING. With aromatherapeutic purifying actives, it will help you maintain a pragmatic attitude still enveloped by family emotion, it will reinforce self-esteem and empathy with the rest of the team on the other side of the screen. In a clear and concise way it will put you in social mode even if you have your children running around the house a few meters away or your partner doing DIY.
For those who work away from home, use La TERTULIA daily to keep your personal bubble protected and aseptic.
From 1 to 10, what level of effectiveness are you achieving working from home? Are you comfortable teleworking? Is it positively or negatively influencing your intimate sphere: family, children ...?
Take care of yourselves.
See you soon.
Mònica Fernández. Aromatherapist and Founder of AROMALABORATORY®.
AROMALABORATORY® Facilitates the use of aromatherapy, safe, effective and easy to use, with ecological certification and supreme quality (chemotype), so that the results are optimal. .

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