Healthy Quarantine. V

Today I am here to tell you about all the positives that can come from this confinement, from having an optimistic outlook. Let's consider it a wonderful moment to materialize all those ideas that we had in the "pending" list for a long time. As part of this course of stages and final goal that I proposed a few days ago, it is time to go deeper into each of the stages. It is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work hard. With focus, with discipline and with perseverance, following the calendar firmly. Because if we go down, we can lose all this precious time.
For the moments when you weaken, lose your attention, or disperse one, I recommend that you use CREATIVITY, the purifying mist that will keep you active, with an optimistic attitude in the matter. With pure tangerine and cloves, it is very good to prepare a reading and study space, because it helps attention; to organize a calendar with other coworkers by teleworking, or to get inspired when creating, designing or projecting. It is also great for creating a calm play environment for children, which facilitates optimal, healthy and harmonious cognitive learning.
CREATIVITY helps us reach the goal of reaching the goal healthy. Lean on STAMINA too, for energetic and protected not to lose your way.
We are on the way and we will reach our destination safely.
Take care of yourselves.
Mònica Fernández. Aromatherapist and Founder of AROMALABORATORY®.
AROMALABORATORY® Facilitates the use of aromatherapy, safe, effective and easy to use, with ecological certification and supreme quality (chemotype), so that the results are optimal. .


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