Healthy Quarantine. II

14th day of isolation. How are you doing?

There are really people who do not cope very well with not being able to move freely, staying in a few square meters generates a lot of stress. Is this your case?

To this imposition is added the drastic change over the routine that we had so far; psychologically our Personal Space has been reduced to our most intimate fringe (proxemia), which can manifest itself as pressure at the level of the sternum and a lack of air.

Furthermore, our body is in an attack / flight state over a new virus, still without immunity. An invisible microparticle that threatens our health and can be anywhere, causing overexcitation of certain areas of the brain that manage emotions and an increase in stress hormones in the body. All this a true Molotov cocktail that can test our emotional resilience.

And how can we achieve a mental and emotional balance after such a sudden change of confinement in our day to day? First, I recommend that you maintain regular hygiene and work rhythms. It is essential to wash your hands often and disinfect your home every morning. Especially follow a hygiene protocol when you get home, if you have to go shopping or work (read the publication of the 03/20 on Instagram). This routine will prevent you from doubting whether the virus could be in the shopping bag, on the bathroom tap, on the sole of the shoes or hooked on the mobile. Important to avoid touching your face. Always clean hands.

For a comprehensive, toxic-free, ecological and healthy environmental disinfection at home (environment, tissues and any surface) I recommend that you use FLOR DE FLORES. The familiar format (500ml) gives you great coverage. FLOR DE FLORES of pure Ylang-Ylang and Wild Vanilla flowers is a very complete fragrance with high indices of natural eugenol, highly aseptic, antiviral, which strengthens our immune system, and helps us disconnect. This exotic fragrance makes it easier to stay more relaxed and release tension. For example, it is highly recommended if you have work topics that generate a lot of stress and block you when it comes to enjoying family moments. It will also keep your children less concerned about this exceptional situation they are experiencing.
Given the feeling of anxiety due to the uncertainty of what will happen in the coming days, I recommend that you use RELAX daily. Our Personal Purifier with Marjoram, a very hypotensive active plant, will help you feel relieved, calm you and allow you to breathe comfortably. RELAX assists the awareness of the limit of the Public Personal Space of each person, and although it has now been deprived, it offers us a feeling that our vital space is expanding. You can help yourself with a visualization when vaporizing. Visualize yourselves in the daily routine of walking through the streets of your city or town, as you used to do, calmly, immersed in your daily activities. RELAX is also wonderful as a purifier and personal disinfectant, so as a preventive you can use it during the day to neutralize any pathogenic microorganisms around the body, especially if you have to do some management outside the isolation area. Its antioxidant bioactives will do very well if you spend many hours in front of computer screens, since it neutralizes free radicals from electromagnetic devices.

I hope these tips give you support to better manage this period of quarantine. In this publication I invite you to find moments of calm.

My question to the reader:

What causes you the most concern during confinement and what do you do to release tension?

Take care of yourselves and Stay Safe.

Until next Monday.

Mònica Fernández. Aromatherapist and founder of AROMALABORATORY.

AROMALABORATORY Facilitates the use of aromatherapy, safe, effective and easy to use, with ecological certification and supreme quality (chemotype), so that the results are optimal. .

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