How to manage anxiety during the pandemic.

In times of uncertainty, stress is the order of the day. This is what is happening to all of us in the middle of this pandemic that seemed to have stabilized during the summer, and on which we had pinned our hopes in its vaccine ... Everything takes time, and to top it off, the third wave has not done more than put us back in a place where we did not want to return.

This tide, this stress and confusion generated by expectations placed on situations that have not yet occurred, that are anticipated and yet are lived as in the present, is called anxiety: "What will become of my business! I will not be able to move with ease until next summer! When will I be able to see my family and friends normally!" Stop your mind... back off. We help you think and project in a positive way, from now on.

As we have been saying since March 2020, the integrated pandemic in terms of regeneration, inspiration, time to reinvent itself, may not be as easy for some as for others. We invite you to pause the negative automatic thoughts with one of our hypotensive aromatherapy purifying mists such as RELAX, PROTECTION, COURAGE. It reinforces its natural and organic assets, associating them with positive affirmations that help you visualize healthy scenarios in the present.

Perfume yourself with RELAX, around the body, over the head, take 3 deep breaths and repeat internally: "RELAX, reassure me, calm me, wrap me with hope and serenity" especially if you must continue to manage your public and social life in the middle of the pandemic. At an intimate level RELAX instills inner peace.

Also do it with PROTECTION repeating “PROTECTION harmonizes and immerses me in my Intimate Space. Bless it, protect it. This mist also induces meditation so you can associate it with a mantra.
Perfume yourself with COURAGE around the body, breathe deeply and repeat internally: “COURAGE, warm and comforting, strengthen my mind, body and spirit, empower my courage and will!”
Then you can do a job of raising awareness of the positive that this moment can offer you. Ask yourself the following question: What opportunities does this social break offer me?

WE RECOMMEND THIS PRACTICE: All this work that you do in your Intimate Space will offer you wonderful skills to manage the most Social and Public tomorrow:

Perfume your Personal Space with any of these 3 mists, and write what could be positive, for example: By spending less time with your friends, do you have more time for yourself? What do you like to do that you longed for so much when it seemed that there was no time to dedicate to it? Do you have a pending book? A half project? Do you have more time to play with your children? ... PROTECTION AND COURAGE will help you, above all, to strengthen your Intimate Core, the one you share with your close friends (lockdown companions or coexistence bubbles). By perfuming yourself every day with PROTECTION, you will be able to displace all that social, so tempting, that now it is difficult to manage, due to the restrictions imposed, and you will reduce anxiety. It will make it easier for you to focus inward, keeping you in harmony with it. Boost it with COURAGE, when you feel that you lack the courage or willpower to undertake that introspective task that you know will be so flattering. RELAX will always be a good ally! In addition, the 3 purifying mists will keep you aseptically protected. An ideal tandem: emotional balance and hygiene. So necessary these days!

We wish you well-being.

Monica Fernández Morón. 

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