Purify and take care of yourself in the city.

We welcome Iguapop Shop, the new Aromalaboratory® point of sale in the Born district of Barcelona.

Iguapop Shop is synonymous with Urban Style, so they know that it is necessary to protect and take care of ourselves in particular in the city, the scenario where we are exposed to higher environmental pollution, dirt and stress, which affects our well-being and balance to live in harmony. Also that perfuming organically and toxic-free is healthy, cool, diferent and healthy!

You can already get our Purifying Perfumed Mists in its store at 15, Comerç Street. This healthy alternative allows you to be naturally perfumed and emotionally relieved when you are exposed both to social and public interaction, as in our intimate and family sphere, thanks to their aromatherapeutic, antioxidant, antipollution and sanitizers active ingredients.
For example, use Relax when you have to take public transport, or when you are going to be exposed in crowded spaces, also when you feel a peak of stress that can block you to do other activities optimally. Its phytoaromatic, antibacterial and virucidal perfume is soothing and environmentally protective, and its herbal and floral scented notes, with Rose Damascene and Marjoram, mmm, are divine. 

Another of our Mists is La Tertulia. Perfume around the body, over the head, before or after a meeting, and breathe deeply.

The last of our recommendations is Valentía, perfect to get started in practice before your yoga class. Once you are on your mat, perfume yourself around the body and breathe, it is ideal to reconnect with your center with strength!

Always carry them in your bag, the gym bag, ... they will rescue you when you need it! Its thermoregulatory properties, highly preventive of cellular aging and its aseptic assets, will also provide you with beautiful and healthy skin, (especially if you are prone to acne) They will also give you awareness to enjoy your best version in each area of the daily life.

Aromalaboratory® allows you to benefit from the properties of medicinal plants in a safe, easy and practical way with the guarantee of maximum quality and purity so we use supreme chemotherapy ingredients, with spectrographic control.

Enjoy them!

Tell us about your experience! And don't forget to take a couple or 3 deep breaths when you use them.

PD: A trick for girls! : Over the makeup, they are great, they sanitize and fix it!



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