Hygiene protocol when arriving home.

 Take extreme caution when returning home if you have been working, if you return from the supermarket, from the pharmacy, or if you have walked your pet during this state of viral threat.

It is important that you are aware that the door knobs, railings, any surface exposed to human contact is an element that can be infected. The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warns that the new coronavirus remains 3 hours suspended in the air, 4 hours in the copper of the coins, 1 day in the cardboard and 2 to 3 days in the stainless steel of a tap . (Published in The New England Journal of Medicine). We propose the following hygiene protocol when you get home:
1- Use hand sanitizer before entering the house.
2- Take off your shoes and always wear specific slippers to walk around the house.
3- Once inside, wash your hands thoroughly
4- Leave the wallet, bag, mobile on a tray at the entrance. Disinfect them when you have a moment.
5- Have a bottle of AROMALABORATORY® disinfectant fragrance at the entrance. For example: BLANC. Spray on the coat. Get under the fragrant aseptic rain if you prefer, it is gentle on the skin and will be very effective on hair. You can let it fall on everything you left at the entrance. If you bring a purchase, too.
6- Take off your clothes, especially your pants if you have sat in a public place and put them to wash preferably in hot water.
7- Take a shower to eliminate any external contamination if you don't have to go out any more.
8- After the shower, with the house completely disinfected (we will talk about how to do it soon) give yourself a touch of AROMALABORATORY® Personal Purifier: PROTECTION, COURAGE, or SLEEP before going to sleep. These 4 aromatherapy antiseptic fragrances will help you feel safe, sleep well, boost your immune system, and feel strong and able to maintain a pulse until the end of quarantine. You can also perfume yourself with one of our perfumes, they are also highly aseptic.
Taking all possible preventive and protective measures every day is the best medicine to avoid diseases.
#Stay at home

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