Disinfect your Personal Space.

Aromalaboratory® Air Purifiers are today more than ever essential preventives, due to the epidemiological threat. They disinfect and purify our Personal Space and reinforce it at any time, thanks to its great concentration of phytoaromatic actives as monoterpenes and monoterpenoles. They are also powerful anti-infectives, antibacterials and fungicides, very effective against microorganisms. Very necessary both if you are going to be sharing the Public, Social and Intimate Space, because in our daily lives, especially in cities, when the proxemic strips (of proximity) are violated we are exposed to a greater infectious danger and greater stress or an emotional deficit.

Disinfect your Personal Space, above the head and clothing, when you will be exposed to Public Spaces with one of our Air Purifiers. Especially, when you cannot preserve a minimum distance of 1.2m - 2m distance, with respect to the unknown people around you. In public scenarios, we recommend the following:
Our primitive brain, especially the area that manages the pimps, the amygdala, interprets that we should be at least 3 meters away from outsiders to feel comfortable. When the threat is environmental and invisible, this area is activated much more in the face of any agglomeration of people, (in the subway, on busy streets, etc.) because the infectious microorganism may be perceived so close, which greatly violates our Personal Space Public. It is when the body is put in a state of alertness and in survival mode (attacking or fleeing). In these cases, we recommend you better manage the situation, act by purifying your Personal Space with Relax or The Nature and breathe deeply. They can use it before leaving home and, in case of a lot of stress, or agglomeration, at the critical moment. Choose to combine them with Protection, to reinforce your aseptic action and soften the perception of vulnerability. It will help them feel comfortable and protected, reduce tension and feel capable of acting with control, reducing the cognitive blockage that this uncomfortable situation entails. Breathe deeply. Your Personal Space is disinfected and reinforced.
We will talk about how to manage the Social Personal Space, in meetings with friends, at work, etc., during this crisis of Covid-19 *, in the following post.

* Always follow Sanitary recommendations.
This product is not a medicine.
Air Purifiers will protect you environmentally, (sanitizing around the body) and will relieve you 100% phytoaromatically; You will feel more comfortable.

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