Integral Disinfection.

Disinfect without intoxication, improve indoor air quality and feel better. These are the 3 main active properties of the new AROMALABORATORY® Organic Disinfectant, made from medicinal plant extracts.

Presented in various formats: 500ml, 55ml -for safe travel- ; in the August issue of La Revista Integral, another of our modalities is discussed: the concentrate.

This concentrated format is ideal for commercial spaces, hotels, beauty centres, hairdressing salons, etc. and of course also for the home, since with the bottle of concentrate we prepare 10 bottles of 500ml of ecological disinfectant, of supreme quality and free of toxins at an exceptional price.

Disinfecting the environment, surfaces and fabrics in a sustainable way and promoting a healthy atmosphere has never been so easy.

Thank you Integral Magazine!

Happy and healthy summer 2020 to all.

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