Wellness during and after a flight.

Fluctuations in pressure, temperature and oxygen, and the lack of humidity and mobility in the aircraft cabin during a flight, create an environment that affects everyone: dry mucous membranes and skin, fatigue, heaviness, headaches,...

For example, the humidity level inside an aircraft is so low that in a 3-hour flight, up to 1.5 litres of body water can be lost.

In dry conditions, viruses also move freely and there are more possibilities of catching colds and infections. Although during the pandemic, we still used face masks during the flight, they dry out the skin and irritate it, especially during long flights.

Spraying yourself with one of the AROMALABORATORY Purifying Mists helps you to regain your well-being by moisturising your skin, decongesting, thermoregulating, sanitising around the body in an antibacterial way, and above all offering you relief and emotional comfort, thanks to its hydrolatherapy and aromatherapy actives.

During transoceanic or long flights, you can use them in the cabin. For example, if you are one of those who like to work on the plane, steaming during the flight with CREATIVITY will help you to stay focused, with moisturised mucous membranes and hygienic. If, on the other hand, you want to rest even when surrounded by other people, the purifying mist THE DREAM will soothe you and help you enjoy a restorative rest.

This repair also occurs at the cellular level (beauty), as its antioxidant active ingredients repair the oxidative damage caused by exposure to electromagnetic devices and cushion the ionising damage to which we are subjected by an excess of cosmic radiation during the flight.

Happy flight and post-flight with AROMALABORATORY! 


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