The Art of Self-massage.

Daily self-massage of the body with a body oil is tantamount to cultivating self-love. This is one of the many benefits of this simple and healing practice.

AROMALABORATORY ATELIER offers you the possibility to start this experience, inherited from Ayurvedic medicine, with the new 100% organic and vegan phytotherapeutic body oils: Detox-Anticellulite and Relaxing-Decontractor.

Nourishing and anti-ageing action, emotional balance, tonic recovery of body tissues, elimination of impurities, lymph movement, strengthening of the immune system and soothing action are, among many others, the benefits of daily use of AROMALABORATORY body oils.

With the Organic Detox-Anticellulite Body Oil, you can stimulate and tone your body in a detoxifying way. It will facilitate the drainage of the blood circuit, activate the lymph and therefore reduce inflammation. Highly recommended for women/men with cellulite, flaccidity, varicose veins or fat accumulation. A suitable oil for those with a slow and stagnant energy, with a tendency to be sedentary. Using a couple of drops in a foot bath is very soothing, especially if you have swollen ankles or poor circulation. It will offer extra satisfaction to more dynamic people, who will be captivated by its citrusy, herbal scent. We recommend drinking a glass of water after this self-massage.

The Organic Relaxing-Decontractor Body Oil, on the other hand, is highly soothing. Use it especially after any physical activity. It will help you to decontract your muscles and recover more easily. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, or if you are going through a period of high stress or anxiety, this body oil will calm you down after a good shower. Leave the skin a little damp, so you can work it better, always from bottom to top, that is to say, from the tip of the feet to the head, with a lot of love and full consciousness.





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