The Enchanted Forest.

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest. This autumn we walk among the falling leaves, the wild fruits and berries, the moisture of the earth, to bring you the most authentic, most active and effective organic cosmetics and fragrant collections we have ever created.

Join us and discover an infinite olfactory universe through our vetiver and frankincense perfumes, immerse yourself in the deepest scent of juniper and rosemary, discover that magic is hidden among the jasmine and ylang-ylang flowers. Laugh, sing, and above all don't forget to hide behind the cedar tree to surprise your fellow traveller. Haha! Have you scared him/her?



Take off your shoes and dip your feet in the lagoon! Massage your legs and face with one of our rich natural beauty formulas. 

Surely you have found the aromatherapeutic fragrance and/or the clean cosmetic that you can take with you as a witness to the wellness of this sensory, real, forest experience that we have prepared for you. Thank you so much! 

Have a good autumn!

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