Healthy Hygiene at Any Time.

Always keep our AROMALABORATORY® Ecological Sanitizer on hand in travel format, especially this summer 2020. From medicinal plant extracts, you can carry it comfortably in hand luggage, purse, or backpack ... Use it to disinfect any surface or objects you have left on other surfaces that may be contaminated by droplets or aerosols; especially in public spaces where there is a lot of people, such as beach bars, restaurants, public transport, shops, etc. Follow an essential hygiene protocol for your cell phone, keys, glasses, purse, etc., when you get home or if you are on vacation, at the hotel. You can also disinfect your hands, taking care of them, after having touched touch screens, money, etc ... especially if you do not have a bathroom in nearby conditions.
It also disinfects clothing, upholstery, fabrics in general. We recommend disinfecting your clothes, and even the mask. Remember, always clean hands.
Use it to disinfect the environment in a respectful way, for example in the car. Essential if you travel with family or friends in the same vehicle. Its ionizing assets also improve indoor air quality and the feeling of comfort, providing well-being. Its aroma is fresh and pleasant, free of synthetic parfum and is liked by everyone, it is very healthy.
Now that the hottest days are approaching, enjoy the new normality and the summer, safely, consciously and responsibly, heeding the health recommendations and taking the protection and prevention measures that make our daily life easier and preserve the everyone's health. The virus is still with us, we cannot ignore it, we must remain vigilant.
Happy july.

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