Emotional Balance.

Today we are going to talk about THE NATURE Personal Air Purifier. This is an ecological soothing and sanitizing mist with lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus), among many other essential oils, that takes us directly to the healing green of the field. The freshly cut meadow ... Its aroma is a haven for fluctuating emotional states especially in women with hormonal disorders. This emotional balancing aromatherapy fragrance is highly recommended during menstruation, as it offers an in-depth feeling of hygiene: soothing and purifying. During menopause, its refreshing and regulating action in case of hot flashes is wonderful. THE NATURE is a fantastic rescue that we should always carry in our bags because it repairs us after a peak of fatigue and disinfects around the body. Its astringent properties are great for treating acne. Highly recommended to clean and disinfect Personal Space. Relieve in case of allergic to dust and mites.

THE NATURE keeps us aware of the importance of personal care, not only on a physical level, but also on emotional hygiene, which always involves cleaning the heart.
May it fill you with emotional balance and protect you especially during these days of uncertainty and viral threat.
Mònica Fernández. Aromatherapist and Founder of AROMALABORATORY.
AROMALABORATORY Facilitates the use of aromatherapy, in a safe, effective and easy to use way, with ecological certification and supreme quality (chemotype), so the results are optimal. .
Photography: Wearitslow

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