Safe hotels during the pandemic.

The impact that the coronavirus is having on the tourism sector is unprecedented. On the one hand, the number of establishments opened in the Catalan capital has fallen to 107 out of a total of 438 hotels and aparthotels. On the other hand, Barcelona's hospitality industry is confident that the summer will be "the beginning of a gradual recovery of the flow of tourists". So now is the time for your hotel to take action and take advantage of this summer opportunity for recovery, offering guests the highest level of security and confidence during their stay.

According to a study by the Centre for Analysis and Prospective of Tourism (CAPT) of the University of Cordoba (UCO), cleanliness and distance are the two aspects most expected by guests during and in post-pandemic times. As AROMALABORATORY® is an expert brand in hygiene, and we offer your hotels a sustainable sanitizing service, Now is the best time to invest in the purchase of our disinfectants and establish safe and dynamic hygiene protocols toxic-free, more committed to the environment than the ones you were using until now.

We offer you several eco-friendly purifying and sanitising products that you can implement in your hotels and restaurants:

The Concentrated Organic Sanitizer, with which you can prepare 10 bottles of 500 ml of Sanitizer.

This Organic Concentrated Purifying-Sanitizer, for the environment, fabrics (towels, sheets, etc.) and surfaces (glass, utensils, floors, etc.) is NON-toxic, NON-corrosive, NON-polluting. It is a powerful active multi-purpose product, with a double hydroalcoholic - botanical formula, which disinfects in depth, thanks to its high concentration of aseptic active natural ingredients, which neutralise pathogenic micro-organisms that spread through the air or by droplets to the surfaces. At the same time, the Sanitizer improves the quality of the air by ionising it, improving the feeling of well-being and comfort, refreshing the air and eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also neutralises free radicals from electromagnetic devices and outdoor pollution, respecting the environment. 

According to the Spanish Ministry of Health's technical document on Hygiene Measures for prevent  COVID-19 contamination: hand hygiene is the simplest and most effective way to prevent the transmission of microorganisms, including COVID-19. AROMALABORATORY® offers you practical and efficient solutions to keep your customers' hands clean while taking care of them by preserving the skin's natural protective barrier. The Sanitiser is packed in recyclable glass and has a natural fresh scent 0% Parfum. It is also characterised by its composition free of abrasive detergents. 0% bleaches, 0% detergents, 0% ammonia, 0% parabens.


Organic Pocket Sanitizer. 55 ml.

This format is wonderful for use anytime, anywhere. It facilitates mobility with greater freedom as it allows you to sanitise your tissues, hands and any surface and environment. It shares the same properties as the other AROMALABORATORY® disinfectants. It is NOT corrosive. It is NOT pollutant. It is respectful with the environment, people, food and animals.

From our point of view, we believe it is necessary to make public the cleaning protocol in order to reassure travellers who decide to stay overnight in your hotel. The following protocol is provided below:

1. Concerning staff equipment:

On entering the workplace disinfect the soles of shoes and provide hand disinfectant. It is recommended to use AROMALABORATORY® Organic Hand Sanitizer and the AROMALABORATORY® Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Column to cover all access areas, corridors, areas near lifts, open spaces, terraces, etc.
Disinfect the work areas and tools with AROMALABORATORY® Spray Sanitizer when starting work, and preferably assign each worker their own work tools, preventing handling by several workers.

2. Room cleaning:

Disinfect surfaces that are not laundred every day: curtains, bedcovers, cushions, carpets, upholstery of armchairs and sofas, glasses, knobs, etc. with AROMALABORATORY® Spray Organic Sanitizer.
Cleaning staff must wear an appropriate uniform, preferably disposable, and gloves before entering the room. Never bring the cleaning trolley into the room.
Remove bed linen and towels and put them in a separate bag from the rest (yellow / red bags are recommended) until the time of washing, warning the laundry staff for hygienic handling (do not shake soiled linen and avoid direct skin contact).

3. Concerning guests

When checking into the hotel, a person should be monitoring the temperature of the guests, or do a remote monitoring by thermal cameras. The WHO reports that almost 90% of people with COVID-19 experience fever, so it is important to make sure that the guest's temperature is not above 37.5°C.
It is good to recommend that your guests use an AROMALABORATORY® Travel Organic Sanitizer during their stay, especially when exploring the sights of the city.


AROMALABORATORY® is always at your side to guarantee you a high-quality and complete hygiene, to maintain a healthy environment in your hotel and a pleasant natural clean scent. Experiencing this degree of hygiene and wellness will make your guests always want to return to your hotel, and their satisfaction references on Booking and TripAdvisor will reach the highest rating. We know from experience, we have been in this sector for 10 years. Hygiene and prevention is nowadays the most important aspect to consider for guests, who want to feel as safe, if not safer, than at home.


Stay Safe & Healthy with AROMALABORATORY® Sanitizers. 

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