Premium Candles and Interior Fragrances, this Holiday Season.

Delight all your loved ones this Holiday Season with one, two or three... AROMALABORATORY premium candles, with botanical and organic perfume, toxic-free.
You will also discover that they are non-GMO soy candles. (In case you didn't know, most candles on the market are made of GMO soya and synthetic parfum).
AROMALABORATORY candles offer a supreme and exquisite experience: a clean light, a pleasant fragrant atmosphere and a healthy warm comfort.
Combine the candles with our spray indoor fragrances, to welcome as a great host, and to find the balance in all the rooms, according to the dynamics of your own home during these special dates.
AROMALABORATORY makes your home aromatically cozy and beautiful, in harmony and well-being.

 Interiors credits:  Roibos Casa. 



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