Get beautiful, healthy skin this summer with these moisturizing mists.

During hot season, these refreshing AROMALABORATORY Organic Purifying Mists are also the alternative to facial creams, which are usually more greasy.

With a high content of active ingredients from natural extracts, and moisturizing properties, these mists not only lower the temperature (thermoregulate) but also soothe redness (for example in a hot flash), protect the skin from free radicals, by ultraviolet light from screens, pollution, etc.

Use them after make-up to fix it and obtain more harmonious and integrating results. Add to its great antibacterial action, the emotional well-being offered by its 8 different therapeutic scents, free of toxins.

Their great advantage is that you can spray them as many times as you want throughout the day. And their comfortable format is perfect to carry in your bag and use them whenever you want, especially during the summer season.

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