Summer without mosquitos.

SUMMER, the powerful organic mosquito repellent, with real aromatic medicinal plants of citronella and basil (not artificial) effectively creates a barrier against mosquitoes indoors and repels them outdoors.

Its proven effectiveness will help you enjoy the summer and sleep well at night.

Indoors, spray the environment, on passageways and fabrics in general (curtains, sheets, carpets, etc.). All organic, porous furniture, such as floorboards, etc., can be sprayed.

On restaurant and hotel terraces, spray on upholstery and outdoor furniture, lamps, etc, before each service, for the comfort of your customers. In addition, its aseptic, natural sanitizing action will keep the atmosphere and fabrics sanitized, and its aroma, free of toxins, will provide comfort and well-being. It is suitable for gastronomic spaces, does not contaminate, does not intoxicate.

We are committed to quality and the preservation of the environment, which is why all our fragrances are packaged in recyclable glass.


In private patios, it is recommended to perfume before dinner, for example. If you have to do it when the food is already on the table, don't worry, you can also use it, it is toxic free!

There is also a 55ml format, a fabulous travel size, very practical to carry in your bag and spray on your clothes and around your body when it is convenient, for example at the beach bar, on a hike, or simply because you are a favourite target for mosquitoes, or you are allergic to their bites. It's great for protecting your children from the annoying itch they cause.

Keep it handy this summer!




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