Light up your eco-friendly trip perfumed with 39.

This summer, light up your eco-friendly trip, perfumed in harmony with 39, the Aromatherapy Organic Perfume, Limited Edition, by AROMALABORATORY (ALO) With a bouquet of damascena roses, thyme, gaiac wood and a myriad of fragrant nuances that rejuvenate your skin, it preserves your body in balance, well-being and joy.

A Toxic-Free perfume that does not pollute your body. With 0% aldehydes, 0% phalates, 0% musketones, 0% isolates, 0% artificial colorants and 0% parfum. A 0.0% perfume that fully immerses us in the precious fragrant expression of nature. 39 is a truly unprecedented fragrant luxury.

Created in small, numbered productions, with almost no environmental impact, it is the most eco-friendly way to perfume yourself. An artisan Slow Perfume, that stands out among the ALO collections for being genuinely unisex, upscale and surprisingly anti-aging.

With a floral soul that infuses beauty, strength, character and nobility, it will guide you on your trip along those paths that illuminate and make your heart beat in a special way. 39 is the intensity of an eternally young spirit. A perfume that with its stele - which leaves no one indifferent - you will embark on the unforgettable journey of the summer.

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Wardrobe credits: Lupe Giraldo

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