Light up your mornings!

During the fall a lower exposure to light causes changes in our body that can generate a feeling of melancholy, asthenia, appetite disturbances (we throw ourselves into sweets), drowsiness (the sheets get caught in the mornings, the alarm clocks sound up to 2 and 3 and 4 times), social contact is not so appealing; This is what is called Seasonal Affective Disorder when it is dragged through two consecutive autumnal seasonal phases.
To get out of this vicious circle, we recommend that you give Light and vigor to your mornings with our aromatherapeutic organic fragrance Jardín Oriental. A trick is to have it on the bedside table and so the alarm sounds you reach the fragrance and perfume even when you are in bed and breathe deeply.

Then we recommend you perfume the bathroom during the shower. Doing some sports, if possible outdoors, meeting friends, walking in sunny hours improves mood and increases serotonin levels as well. You will see how you feel more energetic and happy with Jardín Oriental!

And remember that Home Scents by Aromalaboratory®, neutralizes free radicals emitted by electromagnetic devices.

You will feel vital and in harmony with nature from the first hour of the morning! 


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