Japandi is an emerging interior design style that is on every decorator's lips and we are very excited about it. What we love about this design concept is the clean lines, effortless style and a mix of materials that create a serene living space. Each aesthetic focuses on simplicity, soft tones, natural materials and comfort. It combines, modern Japanese and Scandinavian styling, offering a fresh, spacious, very inviting look.

The Japandi is achieved by the intersection of interior design styles that are based on minimalist design principles, with a focus on warmth, natural elements and muted color palettes. In Japandi, you won't find ornate or flashy details. Instead, shapes and lines shine in these spaces with functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, furnishings and decor. Natural light and plants are also key elements in Japandi interior design.

In this sense, the use of our aromatherapy fragrances, 100% botanical, healthy and healthy AROMALABORATORY are ideal for perfuming Japandi spaces; for harmony and synchrony with this method of decoration. To enhance the relaxed, serene and purified atmosphere typical of Japandi, we especially recommend: FLOR DE FLORESBLANCSUMMER and JARDÍN ORIENTAL.

The main materials used in this style are natural fibers, furniture made of natural materials and even handmade ceramics and decoration. The rooms of Japanese clean lines and solid and muted colors, to give them a modern touch, yet warm, soothing, comfortable, very "hygge", is typical of Scandinavian countries. 

We invite you to perfume Japandi atmospheres with AROMALABORATORY Fragrances. A very common element in this type of interiors is the use of carpets, textile lamps, so our fragrances will be very useful both to perfume the environment in a natural way, and to sanitize and neutralize mites on the fabrics, and feel all home textiles oxygenated.

Now we just need to prepare a good tea, and enjoy all the comfort. 

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