Spring Asthenia.

Spring asthenia, being more usual in women, affects everyone. It is the feeling of a lack of vitality, both physical and intellectual, fatigue, difficulty of concentration, sleep and appetite disorders, which manifests itself during the first two or three weeks of spring, after the seasonal change. The main causes are therefore the change in the weather, the time change and an increase of allergens in the environment. The symptoms generally disappear after this period of time.

To relieve the symptoms and overcome this feeling of apathy and tiredness, we recommend that daily, and especially at critical moments, you perfume yourself with the aromatherapeutic, purifying, organic, personal space mist, STAMINA (Resistencia). Its neutralising active ingredients and its capacity to drag biological pollutants such as allergens, bacteria, mites and suspended particles around the body help to relieve the symptoms of asthenia. STAMINA (Resistencia) is an extraordinary natural, ecological remedy, made from the best quality essential oils, such as jasmine and ginger, which offers vigour, energy and helps to continue with vitality, in the face of a peak of fatigue or tiredness.

To overcome concentration difficulties and attention loss, the ideal is to perfume around the body with CREATIVITY (Creatividad) personal purifier, preferably before studying, reading, working,... and breathe deeply. CREATIVITY (Creatividad) helps to enter into the subject with more focus and improve the performance.

In case of sleep disorders or intermittent sleep, the highly soothing and calming SLEEP WELL (El Sueño) purifying mist, with extracts of lavender and ylang-ylang, among other essential oils, facilitates the conciliation of sleep and restorative rest.

Daily or alternated use of these 3 AROMALABORATORY aromatherapeutic purifying mists facilitates an excellent springtime dynamic: more attention, more vitality, better rest; and consequently, beautiful skin, better performance, well-being satisfaction, and better mood.

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Welcome to spring!

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