The Nature + Detox Smoothie.

The Nature purifying mist is "The personal care mist" of Aromalaboratory®. So we recommend it to get into the habit of taking care of yourself: taking your time eating a balanced diet - where fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes predominate over the animal proteins, sugars and carbohydrates-, do regular exercise and ultimately lead a healthier life.

Perfume yourself, in an ecological and toxic-free way, every day with our aromatherapy mist of green with countryside notes. Use it as the alternative to your usual perfume. It will also disinfect you around the body and provide in-depth hygiene during the pandemic! It will also give you balance when you need it, especially when you can not avoid jumping on the bag of chips.

If you have acne, The Nature will help you regulate it. And if you touch your face more than usual, when we have it almost prohibited, to avoid infections by Covid 19, too. Always carry it in your bag and give yourself a purifying touch when you need it, even if you wear a mask.

And to get you started, here is the recipe for this delicious Detox Smoothie. The Nature will always be your ally.

Detox Nature Smoothie:


4 spinach leaves

1 celery stick and its green leaves

1 apple

1 carrot

1 lemon

1 piece of ginger to taste

Very easy preparation:

Blend all the ingredients. 






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