Make a Wish!

Do you have your "WishList" ready? Christmas is the great time to make wishes, and then, let them go ...
We suggest some Holiday Gifts that Noël will not be able to resist, because they are sustainable, they will make your life easier and they will help you to express all that potential that honors you! You will also be much more beautiful during this 2020 with Aromalaboratory®!
For home lovers, natural, pure and extraordinary aromas followers, those who love nesting family and friends at home, tidy fans... we recommend you a great gift!: The Organic Aromatherapy Ambience Fragrance of 500ml Jardín Oriental, 100% botanical and toxic free, with pure Geranium and Jasmine. A fresh scent of green flowers, which is everyone's delight and facilitates a vigorous atmosphere and offers emotional balance at home.
For architects, interior designers, therapists, passionate about fenshui, living lovers who like to create atmospheres and harmony at home, etc, we recommend you the Gift Set with 2 Aromatherapy Organic Home Scents: For example with Petit Grain + Blanc. Petit Grain with citrus and smoked notes of Vetiver is great to activate the mood in the day areas, and to generate social dynamics, without stress, and with rhythm of pure satisfaction. Blanc, of World's Woods, is for Palo Santo lovers, a very relaxing scent, ideal for night areas and studying ones. It's a noble fragrance with a "reset" effect, highly aseptic, that helps to clean deeply, even energetically.
For those aware of climate change, those who know that environmental pollution is a threat, there is no way as protect yourself with our Purifying Mist for Personal Space. Powerful anti-pollution and sanitizer, it neutralizes free radicals, provides us with optimal levels of ozone around the body and combat the emotional imbalances due to social and environmental stress, offering us rescue while perfuming respectfully and toxic-free. Our Christmas choice is Protection, with Organic Frankincense, that induces us to a state of consciousness of our Intimate Personal Space, and helps us to separate our social and public sphere from the intimate. For those who practice yoga or meditation, Protection is a great gift, so it facilitates the practice. Its fragrance is divine, calming and rejuvenating!
We continue with the wishlist, and the next ones are really luxury fragrances. Sustainable Aromatherapy Luxury Perfumes made with the best raw materials of the world. They are organic, toxic-free, suitable for Vegans and Limited Edition (V Edition of 20 perfumes). Clean & Precious Organic Perfumes as the warming-up  FA Orchestra Collection Perfume, with spicy and fruity notes of Ginger, Jasmine and Orange Leaves perfect for winter time. A delightful unisex perfume that takes care of your inner garden, our beauty and works from the inside out and vice versa.
And for those who go crazy with the unique, exclusive and artisan perfumes Aromalaboratory®, and for those that also venerate and enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the Star Sun and its tempos, Amanecer (for him) and Atardecer (for her) are a true ode to the Sun, worthy of wearing with our best attitude and our finest clothes.

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