Improve the management of your social relationship skills.

Carrying your AROMALABORATORY Personal Purifier in your bag is always a relief.

You may have been doing a task that has distanced you from the awareness of your Personal Space, of your essence in relation to that of others, in a social work environment, for example. Or perhaps you feel the need to reinforce the boundary that defines your Personal Space, from the Personal Space of others, surrounded by strangers; the one in which your limbic system, &mdashel area of the brain that manages emotions&mdash needs to be in a state of comfort and balance so that you can manage your social and public life comfortably.
Our Purifying Mists work in this direction, bringing you into balance and awareness of your essence in relation to others, so that you can express yourself freely, so that you feel that your interactions are constructive and that you empathise with others in a satisfying way.
Every day becomes a flow of transmission of values, contents, sensitivities, energies. This is how we build ourselves over the years. We are social beings. In a state of constant learning. A learning process that also involves respecting and ensuring respect for our Personal Space (something that we have rarely been taught) and which is very important for this flow and exchange to be of quality for each one of us, to vibrate with our potential and to forge our solid personality, the one we are satisfied with and proud of.

So, in case you foresee a lack of personal security and lack of confidence in a social sphere, we recommend you to steam around your body with THE GATHERING, -you can alternate it with RELAX, to reinforce the Personal Space boundary-, and take a couple or three deep breaths. It is also an ideal environmental protector, sanitiser and antioxidant that will keep you beautiful, even if you are wearing make-up.  

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