Neutralize Scale Air.

The neutralization of stale air in closed spaces with air conditioning, will be essential during the summer months to avoid contagion by coronavirus.

The virus spreads in closed spaces very easily and it has been studied that many of the massive contagions have occurred in meetings or at parties where one infected person has come to infect multiple people far from each other in a closed room. due to centralized air conditioning.

A very good way to improve indoor air quality, purify and neutralize stale air, which collectors collect and redistribute throughout the AACC circuit and run into the newly refrigerated environment, is to vaporize and perfume the environment with our ecological disinfectant of pathogenic microorganisms or with our aseptic ionizing fragrances.

We recommend that you spray with our disinfectants, non-polluting and healthy, before services; especially when the AACC is going to be operational, or a minimum number of times a day, to generate purified air that does not contaminate food, and that is respectful of people and the environment.

Likewise, as they make use of our products, they will notice a gradual improvement in air quality, since the AACC circuits will be sanitized and the exhaust air will also be of better quality. They may even lower the vaporization dose of the disinfectant from that moment on, without forgetting that daily maintenance is necessary given the current pandemic situation.

All this not only protects and prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria, mites, etc., it also offers its clients an improvement in the feeling of comfort and well-being in their establishment.

If you also want to highlight your corporate fragrance seal, we especially recommend our aseptic fragrances or our Aromatic Identity service.

We recommend that whenever possible, they refresh the environment in a more sustainable way and alternate with fans and create natural ventilation circuits.

Thank you.



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