Stop combustion.

Why are our environmental fragrances sustainable and healthy? For several aspects. Let's talk about it:

First of all they don’t emit VOC particles to the air that we breath. There’s no combustion, as for example with palo santo sticks, frankincesce sticks, or any herbal or candle combustion.

With Clean Personal Air Purifiers and Home Scents of Aromalaboratory® we can get all the benefits of the purifying and healthy actives of our 100% plant-based save and organic formulations: They are antibacterial and fungicide, they clean the atmosphere from MP, mites; they offer a healthy emocional rescue. They reinforce our Personal Space and our Home environment to prevent diseases. Also they neutralizes oxidative stress coming from electronic devices, pollution, etc... that causes aging. 

Aromatherapy Home Scents are especially indicated for fragrance and giving salubrity and wellness in rooms under 20m2. Spray over the home areas and clothes and breathe deeply all the family together.

Otherwise, Personal Air Purifiers are a powerful antipollution, antiaging personal environment protector for everydaylife, as part of our daily beauty and care routine. They are a calming and restoring aromatherapy and hydrolatherapy mists. At work, over the makeup before a meeting, after a gym session when you feel heated, to prevent an emocional impact, when you feel stressed... Wear always with you in your hand bag! Stop for a moment in this situations and purify yourself, breathe... and feel good. 




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