Bet your best this November.

As we enter autumn, and seeing how the epidemiological situation is dragging us back into a second state of alarm, we propose 5 fragrant aromatherapy alternatives, which you can combine to feel in emotional balance, with an optimistic, creative and hopeful attitude. 3 Air Purifiers for the Personal Space and 2 Perfumes from AROMALABORATORY ATELIER that will allow you to approach the month of November and until the beginning of winter, with the best attitude, reinventing ourselves, if necessary, and with the focus on soon recovering a new normality:

The 3 Organic Air Purifiers:

THE NATURE: Perfume yourself with THE NATURE when you are going to be exposed to public space and at any time when you feel overwhelmed or stressed for fear of contagion. Its disinfectant and soothing agents will keep you hygienic and protected. Especially if you let yourself be easily swept away by the excess of information and news, of whatever nature. Use THE NATURE, especially if you experience it too intensely and if you live other people's emotions as your own. Vaporize with this scented mist especially when you feel emotionally weak, as if overcome by the alarm situation and exteriorize your anger or concern in an excessive way; or you are too cold emotionally and it is difficult to express your emotions, especially when you sit on a roller coaster and one day you are up and the next you are down! The vast majority of women tend to have a very active hormonal map, which can have an impact on our emotional balance. THE NATURE also relieves hot flushes thanks to its hydralotherapeutic ingredients and is highly recommended during the period, as it is very good at hormone regulation, and also provides us with an extra dose of hygiene that is comforting!



CREATIVITY: Perfume yourself with optimism and reinvent yourself. Put the focus on the priority and move forward. Breathe deeply after use.


THE DREAM: Rest and a good night's sleep is essential to maintain your pulse, strengthen your immune system and look beautiful. We recommend you use THE DREAM after a good shower and just before going to sleep. Perfume yourself when you are already between the sheets, so you will also perfume them. Ideal to calm down adults, kids and babies, especially if they feel over-excited when the night comes.


Precious Perfumes Unisex BIO:

ATARDECER PERFUME: Start the day with vitality and enthusiasm among fresh notes of Bergamot, Orange Leaf, Jasmine and Sandalwood! A true fragrant pleasure that men and women alike enjoy. ATARDECER is an organic daytime perfume that helps us face the day at the touch of a clock. Very good for those people who lose track of time and find it hard to plan ahead.


PERFUME SI: A beautifully sharp perfume with pure notes of chamomile flowers and incense. High, subtle, heavenly, protective and hopeful. Don't give more thought to what was no longer. Project yourself from now on to start a new phase with the help of SI PERFUME. Take your time, write, plan, etc, all good things are yet to come. SI offers you security and confidence to finish stages and start new projects with wisdom. Keep in mind, however, that at any moment you must get active and not let the opportunities pass you by. Help yourself with CREATIVITY to be attentive and focused at all times.



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