Show off a Stylish and Healthy Dad!

Smart gift ideas for Father's Day that will break his outdated patterns and he will start to take care of himself and his environment:

1. If your dad is a really genuine, elegant and cocky man who likes to wear perfume, he will be fascinated by this one! 39 is the perfume of eternal youth. Sustainable luxury in perfume. With notes of Gaiac wood, Thyme and Roses, it is a unique perfume with a lot of character, which also takes care of your skin, especially your neck and chest. Say goodbye to disruptive molecules and say hello to a sublime, clean and healthy perfume!

2. With one of the 7 AROMALABORATORY® Ambient Fragrances you can breathe in a quality air perfumed with precious aromatic notes that ionize and salubrize the space. This way you can perfume your office, and generate efficient dynamics in an atmosphere of well-being.

3. Do you know about the Gift Box of 2 or 4 Home Scents? The 55ml format will allow him to scent the environment sensitively depending on the areas at home, or if he travels often. So if dad wants to start the day with a vital attitude, the best thing to do is to perfume the bathroom in the morning, while showering with JARDÍN ORIENTAL. At night, for a better rest and to release accumulated tension: FLOWER FLOWER. Choose the scents you prefer in your Gift Box and leave it noted in observations when you make your purchase on-line. You will be able to presume of being a healthy dad from now on!




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