Optimally perfume and humidify heated atmospheres.

It's starting to feel like a good fire at this time of the year, isn't it?
Did you know that AROMALABORATORY Aromatherapy Home Scents also optimally moisturize heated atmospheres?

While perfuming in a healthy, toxic-free way, they alleviate the dryness that heating produces in the throat or respiratory tract.

It is highly recommended to humidify the heated-conditioned house, either with fireplace or radiators, if you have dry skin, allergies, eye irritation, cough, or headache. We recommend our most vibrant fragrance in the living room, JARDÍN ORIENTAL, with notes of Jasmine and organic Geranium. FLOR DE FLORES, sweet and exotic flowers, is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you love warm atmospheres, then BLACK PACHOULI, with oriental notes of Patchouli and Juniper, or BLANC, our noble fragrance of world woods, is your best choice.

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