Organic Floral Perfumes.

The most trendy floral perfumes of the Orchestra Collection of AROMALABORATORY ATELIER, for the spring-summer season 2023, are the musical notes MIFASOL.

3 limited edition perfumes, organic and toxic-free, that will make you fall in love with their exclusive botanical precious bouquets. A fragrant, sustainable and healthy luxury that will allow you to melt into the well-being and beauty that nature offers us.

Come alive with fragrant pleasure in your AROMALABORATORY perfume and dress with FA. Its chic notes of jasmine, orange leaves, cardamom, are of an exquisite fruity-floral minimalism, ideal to wear both day and night, at this time of the year.

Perfumed with notes of Magnolia and exotic Ylang-Ylang flowers, the musical MI perfume will captivate you with its relaxed sweetness. A white floral perfume that is pure sensual, oriental expression.

With just a few drops of the perfume SOL, you will feel yourself amidst beautiful Provençal fields of lavender and ancient trails of rockrose blossoms. A perfume reminiscent of musk that fills us with joy at any time of day. Use it every day, and above all, don't forget to perfume your heart with this fragrant precious jewel. 


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