Personalisation of your Clean Perfume.

In addition to offering you excellent quality in the entire AROMALABORATORY ATELIER perfume range, we also love to take care of all the details, personalising your perfume. Raising each of our Limited Edition perfumes to a unique, elegant and sublime dimension of identity. To turn intimate moments of gratitude, joy and love into magical experiences.

So, we stamp your name on one of the 7 perfumes of the Orchestra collection, keeping the name of the perfume.

To include this service, please follow the steps below:

1. Purchase your Clean Perfume from the assortment of Orchestra Perfume Collection.

2. Include in the shopping cart the Personalization Service of your Perfume, and indicate in observations your name or initials. (Maximum 12 characters, taking into account the space).

And Voilà! you will receive your personalised perfume at home within 5 working days.

Live extraordinary moments, that will last in time, by perfuming yourself every day!

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