Protected outings with your children during the pandemic.

If for some essential reason you have to go outside, with your children or alone, keep your body disinfected with any of the Aromalaboratory® Air Purifiers. Always carry it with you and use it over the head, -vaporize over hair and the clothing-, when you feel the need to protect yourself environmentally from the viral threat (if you also wear a mask) Especially indicated if the safety distance of 2 meters is violated for any reason. You can also use it to disinfect your hands in an emergency.

In case of fear, panic, stress use PROTECTION and then RELAX. Purify your children with CREATIVITY, it will keep them attentive to your instructions that they should not touch surfaces, touch their face or put their fingers in their mouths and be less overexcited and calm.

Breathe easy with our purifying mists!

Lots of encouragement!


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