Muscular Recovery.

After continued training, your body needs to recover. The well-being of your body and the improvement of your training performance depend a lot on the speed and quality of your recovery. The faster you recover muscularly, the sooner you can start training again. An optimally recovered body is much more resistant and the probability of getting injured is much lower. In addition, in the period of time after training, the body enters a process of performance enhancement that is necessary for progress.

When you train, you strain bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons, and exhaust energy reserves. We tire the body continuously. If we recover muscularly, the body will use the recovery phase to raise its capabilities to another level and develop more durable resources; you will be able to improve your own efficiency level.

We can let the body passively recover with long rest times, or reduce the recovery time by positively influencing the regeneration process. To achieve active support, we will take a series of measures that will help to positively regenerate the body during the rest phase so that the body will need less time to recover.

Among the active measures of muscle recovery, we recommend massaging the body with AROMALABORATORY Bio Relaxing-Decontractor Body Oil.

After a shower, alternating times of cold and hot water, or prolonged times of cold water, apply the Decontractor AROMALABORATORY in the areas of the body that you have worked the most, and massage with vigor, until it penetrates the skin. It is an organic, phytotherapeutic body oil, all its active ingredients are natural, clean, premium, free of synthetic molecules, which respects the well-being and the proper functioning (homeostasis) of your body and improves the effectiveness of the recovery process. By applying the body oil, you will experience immediate pain relief, improve muscle tone, oxygenate the tissues, and deeply relax the musculature, improving flexibility and helping to eliminate the waste material generated during intense training in the muscle. By performing this massage as a routine, you will avoid injuries, cramps, and you will progressively improve your performance without having to take long recovery breaks.

Other recommendations that complement a good AROMALABORATORY decontractor massage are the following: appropriate stretching after training, including relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation, a diet rich in protein, complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, vegetables), and good fats (nuts, oily fish, etc.), drinking plenty of water, and enjoying quality sleep. EL SUEÑO the Organic Aromatherapy Purifier AROMALABORATORY, with lavender and ylang-ylang, (among the top quality essential oils), will help us to rest deeply and wake up recovered for the next training session, and continue improving sports performance.





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