Mosquito Repellent & Disinfection.

We are wishing to spend the hours outdoors, so we will need to keep away mosquitoes on terraces, balconies, patios, and also indoors.

This year due to health recommendations to maintain safe distances due to the pandemic, we will have to spend more time at home or more protected in public spaces, such as hotel terraces or restaurants. To reinforce protection we recommend you two of our products, which in addition to warding off mosquitoes indoors, outdoors and around the body; disinfect and perfume the environment, surfaces and personal space in a healthy and ecological way:


SUMMER, is our powerful fragrant mosquito repellent and ecological disinfectant, with which we suggest you vaporize the outdoor furniture, cushions and upholstery and the environment in general. A very good protocol that we advise you is to perfume from 6 in the afternoon if you want to enjoy the terrace at night, so you will avoid the mosquitoes arround when you are meeting your friends and relatives on the terrace. Just before the match, you can also perfume the area to sanitize the environment and reinforce the repellent action. Also perfume and sanitize the entire house / hotel and especially the bedrooms / rooms. We have two formats: the familiar / professional 500ml and the 55ml format. The Mediterranean and refreshing scent of SUMMER will connect you with the heart of the house / hotel and will give you summer comfort.

Personally, to keep mosquitoes away from the body, we recommend that you use THE NATURE. One of our Air Purifying mists very effective to always have it on hand. Take it in your bag. Use it when you need it, it will keep your children protected from bites. In addition to being a wonderful aromatherapeutic mosquito repellent, it is a fabulous purifier that disinfects the environment up to 7 meters radius. THE NATURE, with a country aroma, freshly cut grass and free of toxins, 0% Parfum, is a repairing balm that perfumes us organically in a balancing and soothing way while protecting us from the virus.

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