Stamina, the natural remedy to spring asthenia.

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, do you feel lethargic, or do you have a lack of energy and feel tired and sleepy during the day? You may even notice a decrease in your concentration and even in your libido? Calm down, it is not worrying, it is only an adaptive condition that Spring brings with the flowering: THE SPRING ASTHENIA.
Our circadian rhythms must adapt to these environmental changes that this new season brings: more daylight hours, change of schedule, allergies, rise in temperatures and atmospheric pressure...
Our body will need a few days to adapt, and a very good way to help us overcome this feeling of apathy and tiredness is to use the aromatherapeutic purifying mist STAMINA, which in addition to sanitize your Personal Space of biological contaminants such as pollen and dust mites, will help you to raise your body temperature, and alleviate the symptoms of asthenia.
STAMINA, thanks to its phyto-aromatic active ingredients, from ginger and jasmine flowers, among other essential oils, gives you vigor, vitality, energy, and helps restore libido in an intimate sphere.
Always carry it in your purse, in your work or gym bag, or keep it handy on your bedside table! You'll notice its wonderful anti-fatigue effects immediately!
Happy Spring!

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