Valentines for Sports Couples.

Cupid raises his head, points and shoots an arrow: a pair of runners!

If you are one of those who discharge tension running as a couple, or your partner is one of those who put on their trainers when they arrive at home, or simply, your loved one is a great sporty person, who likes to take care of herself and stay fit; keep reading, because Cupid has prepared a duo of wellness products for this Valentine's Day, which will make you fall in love even more:  

With STAMINA mist, you will feel a comforting thermoregulating and soothing action, thanks to its hydrotherapeutic rose active ingredients, after doing sport. As well as perfuming you, arround the body, in a natural and aromatherapeutic way, with notes of ginger and jasmine, you will experience its energizing and vitalizing action, which will help you to continue during the day. At night, it is a perfect ally to boost your libido. Oh la la!

If you like clean, toxic-free perfumes, FA - from the Orchestra Collection - will amaze you, because Cupid knows that you are solar, that you have big challenges and that you love to take care of yourself. Perfume yourself and enjoy its notes of sweet orange leaves, jasmine and cardamom - FA is the brightest fragrant glamour for your evenings!

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