Sensuality, love and evasion.

Perfume Precioso Bio Aromatherapy Perfume ATARDECER AROMALABORATORY

ATARDECER Perfume is an excellent aromatherapeutic perfume of precious organic roses that enhance your sensuality. This is the fragrant pleasure of letting go, respect for femininity, self-love and emotional balance.


The perfect floral, sweet, deeply intense, velvety and deep floral combination of Damask Rose, with the spicy, sparkling and sacred Himalayan Tuberose, is pure evasion, pure elegance, as it meets the elegant and refined Sandalwood. 

Aromatherapeutically, ATARDECER is a perfume very suitable in case of hormonal disorders, very appropriate to awaken the inner femininity with confidence and serenity. A perfume that not only takes care of your emotions, but also cares and regenerates your skin.

Perfume yourself especially in the breast area and at the level of the heart, and enjoy its sublime and supreme notes prized since ancient times. You will feel like wearing a new jewel on your skin.

Perfume de rosas Aromatherapy AROMALABORATORY




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