Homes without mosquitoes and in harmony.

Summer has arrived, and with the heat the mosquitoes. So the nights can be endless if we do not remedy.
To those who like to perfume their home, have it sparkling, and enjoy the comfort at home in summer, we offer our ecological and aromatherapy MAR AZUL and SUMMER fragrances.
The first, ideal for harmonizing the environment and renewing itself after a most bizarre year. MAR AZUL, with botanical notes of incense and rosemary, is ideal for relaxing at home, ionizing the environment and feeling the expansive sensation that oceans and seas offer us.
The second, SUMMER, mosquito repellent, with organic aromatic extracts of basil and lemongrass, is the refreshing fragrance, toxic free, sanitizer of the environment and soothing. Children are unruly, restless about the heat and the new summer routine? Scent the environment with SUMMER to promote an atmosphere of harmony, -the elderly will also benefit- Use it indoors and outdoors, here is this other post where we explain how to use it.
We want to say goodbye, recommending that you use, whenever possible, fans instead of the AACC to reduce the emission of heat to the outside. Our aromatherapy fragrances AROMALABORATORY will also help you to keep your stays fresher. Let's think about maintaining balance on the planet. It all starts with doing individual actions.
Enjoy the month of July!



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